Benefits of Android 12

The development of Android 12 has, up until this point, largely consisted of technical enhancements to the OS’s previous versions; however, developers and manufacturers are currently making significant changes to make it better for users. One of Android 12’s most significant improvements in terms of functionality and usability, in my opinion, is It will be beneficial to individuals as well as businesses, particularly small businesses and online platforms like Medium and Linkedin.

The primary benefit for new cell phone proprietors or the individuals who are redesigning from more established models can be: Android P’s Google Play Services are being phased out because there is no longer room for them. As a result, app developers will need to find alternative methods of app development.

Because Android 12 also supports Nearby Share, you can transfer data not only between your iPhone 11 and iPad Air but also between your smartphones. This is possible with any Bluetooth-enabled device that does not support one-to-many communication (such as laptops, PCs, or Macs). Organizations and freelancers who require multiple office phones in different locations will greatly benefit from this feature; Through SMS, they can all share information about various tasks. the same applies to contacts on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

Biometrics security and NFC support are additional features of Android 12. You will be able to authenticate the device without having to enter PINs or passwords by scanning the surface of your phone for a fingerprint or face, as well as using 2FA authentication.

Android 12’s Camera app has a number of significant enhancements. These include the ability to control playback at various speeds, enhanced bokeh options, improved video recording, and video stabilization. The Slowmotion Video tool lets users make high-quality slow motion videos. Video previews in a dedicated preview area for iOS and Android apps are another cool feature.

With the 128 GB/256 GB microSDXC and 64 GB/256 GB memory variants, the storage capacity increases. Additionally, performance could not be overlooked. Hardware acceleration is now used by many camera applications since Android 12 was released. For instance, when editing videos on a phone with an 8K display and a 1080p resolution, you should increase the frame rate when shooting; If you want to edit a video in 4K resolution, you should either decrease the frame rate by 100 percent or increase the resolution to 4K (which is not recommended); If you want to edit a 16-bit video, you can only do so on a desktop, not on a 4K phone; Even with low-resolution cameras, we are able to produce HDR videos in real time thanks to this technology. The same video can be saved easily on any storage device: Computer or an SD card. Photoshop is the only platform you can search for if you want professional video editing software for your phone.

Last but not least, the battery—another significant factor in Google’s decision to eliminate the Battery division! Android 12 has always been scrutinized for its charging requirements for smartphones. We will see more power-saving options and faster charging as soon as the chipset switches to Qualcomm chips, which will help us achieve our life goals; especially for people who work from home.

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As I mentioned earlier, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the development team accomplished a great deal by returning to the fundamentals of simplicity, keeping everything straightforward, and providing amazing benefits to users of Android 11 and earlier. I anticipate that the most recent version of Android 12, version 12, will be even simpler, more elegant, and simpler to use. To make the future more stable for everyone, a lot of things will need to happen and there is still room for improvement. I do hope that Google will continue to improve Android 12 and provide us with additional power-saving options. My hope is that the upcoming updates will make mobile life more enjoyable and easier.