Soon, the first smartphone from the Nio electric car company will be available.

William Li, chief executive officer of the Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio, claims that the company is getting closer to launching its smartphone.

At the kickoff of the new Nio House display area in Dongguan, Guangdong, the organization’s Chief William Lee talked at a preparation on the organization’s tentative arrangements and new vehicle creation. There is some information about the smartphone that the company will produce in William Lee’s statement.

He additionally said that since Apple doesn’t permit clients to utilize a portion of the iPhone’s innovation, they need to make their own cell phones. Nio was dissatisfied with the fact that phone companies like Apple did not permit them to utilize the entire suite of communication and integration features that modern smartphones possess. Nio must design its own mobile phone in order to fully utilize current technologies, but Android phone owners will not be harmed.

Chinese Nio car owners William Lee confirmed the phone production project in conversations with potential customers. Nio has two devoted groups working in Shanghai and Qingqing to fabricate cell phones. Nio phone buyers will have to wait until 2023 to purchase one.

The new Nio telephone will be made and disseminated to current Nio vehicle proprietors as quickly as time permits, and the tests are as of now in progress and the underlying outcomes are empowering. The Nio phone is anticipated to be a phone that can compete with Apple in terms of performance and functionality given that it was released to compete with Apple’s iPhone.

In terms of smartphone production, it is said that Nio will only produce one model annually. Nio’s smartphone is a product that can be fully integrated with the company’s cars and a product that can be used in a smart home or digital social life. The new Nio smartphone appears to be identical to the Google Pixel 7, with the only difference being the Nio logo on the bottom, according to online leaked images.